Quail Institute Partners

A unique element of our program is the utilization and inclusion of partners who are recognized as the leading authority in their sector.

This ensures the quality of learning will be at its highest, reinforcing Quail Institute as a leading education program in the private club industry. It is intended that partners will come from a number of categories - associations, universities, and other key industry organizations.

Sponsorship Opportunities

John Deere has made a significant investment in this program to get it launched. We expect there will be other companies, foundations, associations, grants, etc. that will see the value of investing in the future leaders of our industry. There are a number of different ways our sponsors are able to contribute to this non-profit organization. 

If you have an interest in learning more about how to become involved as a sponsor or advocate of the Quail Institute, please contact Mike Kelly at 706-347-0331 or

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