Professional Development Curriculum

The Quail Institute Fellowship program has been designed to go far beyond the current club curriculums being delivered today.

It is designed to develop the leaders of tomorrow. The curriculum takes a holistic approach exploring the key business competencies and leadership abilities needed to drive success. The curriculum forces Fellows to pursue critical thinking, challenging them to analyze and assess practices and then create, lead and implement change.

Curriculum Download for Quail Institute

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  • Exposure to major tournament and championships
  • Operations in a world-class private club
  • Cross training (all disciplines within the club business)
  • Unique exposure to the John Deere brand
  • Career development
  • Academic Project/Thesis to be submitted to IQH Board
  • Compensation growth
  • Leadership (what it means in the club business)
  • Competency
  • Public Speaking
  • Crisis-management
  • People skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Networking opportunities …and more! 

The Curriculum in 6 Modules

The curriculum is covered in six modules split into two categories; core modules and workshop modules. Each module has been specifically designed to enable the fellows to understand both the macro and micro challenges of not just their sector, but also the wider club industry. The objective is to develop each fellow to encompass a broad range of skills to ensure they go forward an affect change in the industry.

Core modules at Quail Institue
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